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The Navigation Centre services the commercial shipping industry with charts, nautical publications and other requirements as dictated by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). As well as serving a large commercial client base, the needs of other boaties (yachts and power boats alike) are met with everything from navigation charts, parallel rulers, barometers, magnetic compasses, captains hats to key rings and everything in between.

The topographic map user is also well catered for with scales of 1:25,000(limited stock available)  1:50,000   1:100 000  1:250 000 and  1:1,000,000 available as printed paper maps. 

Flags of all nations including code flags for ships and courtesy flags for smaller boats are a very popular item as only top quality bunting flags are supplied.

Gift lines with a nautical theme are also a popular item for the person who can be difficult to buy for.  And yes, you can purchase a "Gift Voucher" for that hard to buy for person...

   AUS256 Cleveland Bay and Approaches AUS259 Hinchinbrook Channel 
    AUS827 Cape Bowling Green to Palm Isles AUS828 Palm Isles to Brook Isles and Palm Passage  
$40 paper
$57 laminated

Australian Nautical Charts
British Admiralty Publications (BA)
Chart Correcting Service

International Nautical Charts (Japanese & New Zealand)

Notices to Mariners and Tracings

Australian Chart Index NORTHERN SECTION AUS 5000

Australian Chart Index SOUTHERN SECTION AUS 5001

          Seafarers Handbook for Australian Waters   
If we don't have it in stock...we will do our best to find a copy for you... 
ALMANAC - Nautical Commercial 2020 
AMSA Publications (Aust Maritime Safety Authority)
Australian Boating Manual 5th Edition 2015
Australian National Tide Tables 2020
Boat Maintenance
British Admiralty Publications
Coastal and Celestial Navigation
Code Flag Posters

Cruising guides & directions
Engine Maintenance

GPS information
ITU Publications (International Telecommunications Union)
Knot books
Marine Radio Operators Handbook

Maritime History 
Maritime Studies
Maritime novels
Queensland Tide Tables 2020 
Study manuals
Torres Strait Tide Tables
Waterproof notebooks
VHF Handbook and more...



100 Magic Miles 2019 - David Colfelt 
Around the Top - Colvin & Capper
Australia's Coral Sea Islands & Marine Park - Peter Sayre
Beacon to Beacon - Maritime Safety Qld
DimDims & Dolphins - Trevor & Elizabeth Kerr
Cairns to Darwin - Matt Templeton
Cruising Guide to Indonesia - Andy Scott

Cruising the Coral Coast - Alan Lucas
Cruising the New South Wales Coast - Alan Lucas
Cruising Japan to New Zealand - Tere Batham
Curtis Coast - Noel Patrick
Fishing the Hinchinbrook Wilderness - Noel Patrick
The Louisiade Archipelago Cruising Notes - Kylie & Scott Pert

South East Asia Cruising Vol II - S Davies & E Morgan
Torres Strait Passage Guide
Townsville to TI (Thursday Island) - Cameron Burgess 
World Cruising Destinations - Jimmy Cornell
Indian Ocean Cruising Guide - Rod Heikell


NEW in 2019 and both written by North Queensland yachties, the book 'Townsville to TI' covers the coastline, while 'Australia's Coral Sea Islands & Marine Park' covers the cays and reefs further out into the Coral Sea.




  Davis Mark 15  
Chart Correction Pens
Compass and Divider Sets
Magnetic Compass - sales, repairs, swings
Douglas Protractors
Parallel rulers
Ships in bottles
Speed Time Distance calculators      

Parallel Ruler Available in 15, 18 and 24 Inch
Full size brass sextant in wooden presentation box (Sextant 10") $430.00


Sister clips
Code Flags
Eureka Flags
International Flags
Jolly Roger Flags
National Flags
State Flags

Topographic Maps $30 each ($10 extra for laminating which is done here in our shop). 

1:100,000 & 1:250,000

1:25 000 Topographic Maps ceased being printed 1 July 2015 by the Queensland Government.  We do have limited stock in store, mainly for North Queensland.  
 Country Maps

State Maps  


 Regional Maps
 Maps for the wall
 Atlas and Guides

From windswept grey nomads to sun kissed newly-weds, Hema's Go-To Guide for Caravans is a vital companion for every kind of caravan-hauling holiday maker.

Everything the reader will need to know is presented in an easy-to-read format, with plenty of info-graphics and Hema maps, and advice from an extensive network of industry-leading experts.

The Go-To Guide covers:
Trip planning
Equipment & Gadgetry
Maintenance & DIY
Safety & Security
Food and Frivolities
Inspiring Destinations



Azimuth rings
Chart Correction Pens
Douglas Protractors
Parallel Rulers
         Davis Mark 25         

Engine Room
Power Boat
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